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The Computational Biology Club at IIIT-Delhi

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In our talks we examine trends in technology, how they affect the way we live and do business, and the problems they solve. We discuss methodologies pertaining to the Computational Biology domain.
On special occasions, we will invite industry veterans to come and talk about the problems they are working on and their experience so far.


Algorithms to computational biology is like bread to butter. Our Hackathons will focus on solving problems pertaining to Computational BIology and using Data Science techniques, you will come across problems which have real-world implications.

Kaggle Contests

Kaggle competitions for all the young minds out there who have an interest in biology and a knack for machine learning. Students from all departments form teams to compete and win these interesting contests.


A Monthly Newsletter !

Through our monthly newsletter, we would cover interesting work going on in the industry as well as academia, provide clear-cut synopsis of interesting research papers and get some insights into this field from alumni.

On Air with BioBytes

In this section we would be interviewing prominent personalities in this domain. We believe all these would help in improving our understanding of what all opportunities lie ahead and elevate the research atmosphere in our college.